Power Your Health and Wellness Bootcamp June 27 - July 1st - Updates will be given in your portal, Via email and in the facebook community.

Reversing and Preventing Illness HEALING

Holistic Healing through knowledge and teachings in nutritional, physical, mental and emotional wellness as well as financial and spiritual awareness.

Power your Health and Wellness Bootcamp June 27 - July 1st 

28 Day Diabetic Healing Challenge

Dynamic Growth & Wellness LLC

Healing through many facets...

Holistic Healing for illnesses, weight loss & gains, rehabilitation and mental & emotional healing

Personalized Healing Programs with an additional option of financial advisors for financial wellness. 

* Booklet for 8 weeks and 12 weeks program - tracking progress, mindfulness and coping skills, videos and weekly appointments with advisors.

*Detailed meal prepping Ideas and recipes – personal chef sessions, PDF instruction and videos 

* Discussion call sessions - steps and updates with Health Coach or Nutritional Therapist. 

*ON DEMAND Access to exercises and motivational sessions 

*Meditation sessions ON DEMAND

*Personal cooking and prep sessions online or in-person

* Grocery shopping  online  or in-Person

* Preparation set – personalize for your individualized progress 

and many more....

Health & Wellness Evaluation or Consultation

* Detailed Report with a step-by-step plan 

* Detailed Nutritional Deficiency and Blood Test Assessments 

* Plans to execute healing with foods, possible supplements, exercise, mindfulness strategies and mediation etc.  

* Financial advisors assessment with one of our trusted advisors by request.

* Meal Preparation and Recipe Guide for cooking without excessive chemicals and preservatives.


Motivational Programs and Challenge

Below are some of our programs that are ON DEMAND, Virtual or In Person

* 28 Day Healing Challenge ( ON DEMAND)  

* Couples, Family and Individual Weight Loss Challenge (Starting End of January 2021) 

* Motivational Dynamics Sessions- HIIT exercises, Yoga and Meditation  

* Personal Chef Preparation Classes (for Healing or Better Health) Virtual and In - Person currently and will be ON DEMAND from February 2021

* Mental and Emotional Release Sessions

* Master Classes on (Illness, disease/disorders or weight/fitness requirements, rehabilitation internal and external) 

* Special Meal Preparation (By Request Only) 

* Healthy Healing Snacks, Desserts and Items  

What is DG&W about ? 

It's about Healing holistically through training, coaching and teaching in areas of nutrition and exercise for internal and external health issues. In addition to guidance with immunity issues, weight loss, weight gain, rehabbing, stamina, agility, flexibility and energy. Offering spiritual healing connecting your mind and body to its greater path, in addition to bringing mental awareness on many levels. Starting from individuals that have limiting beliefs stopping their creative ideas as an entrepreneur or emotional aspects due to trauma. Lastly, giving financial awareness, from repairing your credit, budgeting solutions or even creating a 5 stars business to gain passive income as an entrepreneur.  DG&W collectively we provide the necessary knowledge and expertise to help our clients on their path of growth in a space of wellness through health specialists, holistic expertise and financial advisors, in addition to greatness gurus.

Dynamic Growth & Wellness LLC (DG&W) is created to help individuals with healing . DG&W assist with healing through great tasting foods and herbs, financial advice/help, spiritual guidance, and emotional and mental healing. In addition to assisting with recovery from past injuries through exercising as a positive means to accomplish your goals. At DG&W we teach you the tools that will make you more self-sufficient and provide continuous education through virtual as well as in person workshops. Whether it be micro or urban gardening, cooking, personal training, budgeting lifestyle changes or meditation we have the connections required to get the job done.

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DG&W works with individuals to help them feel empowered on a positive path to wholesome growth and wellness. DG&W sincerely cares about the well-being and changes of individuals by showing them how to use things that are right in-front of  them. We will provide you with a healing way to work on your mind, body, soul, spirit and finances to level you up! In this wholesome space, we will help you with your personal goals.

Dynamic is marked by usual continuous and productive activity or change of growth, which is the process of increasing in size, maturity, mentality, spirituality, amount, value or importance based on a quality or state of being healthy through a collaborative effort. Nutritional, Mental, Emotional, Physical, Financial and Spiritual Wellness are essential elements to personal growth and development. Dynamic Growth & Wellness LLC serve as a synergistic catalyst to aid in this personal growth.  



DG&W Message to you....  

In our own journey of growth, we have gleaned the essential skills and knowledge to provide our experience to our valued client base. We have accomplished goals of bringing preventative and restorative lifelong solutions. We believe in providing essentials for everyone inside and outside by using natural methods allowing the person to take responsibility for their health as we hold them accountable to and for greatness.


28 Day Diabetic Healing Challenge

Dynamic Growth and Wellness’s  28 Diabetic Healing Challenge winner will receive a 2-Day Marriot Resort/Hotel Stay! 


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