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28 Day Diabetic Healing Challenge

[ 21 Day Diabetic Healing ]

What you'll get:

  • Off of current medication 
  • Lower A1C and Glucose level with better blood pressure readings 
  • More Mental Clarity 

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What People Are Saying:

During the start of my journey back to clean eating I felt lost. I was so used to my daily exercises & clean eating routine which all stopped drastically during my pregnancy. Being that this was my first experience as a new mom I felt a little "off" in a sense of getting back into my routine. It wasn't until I crossed paths with the founder of Dynamic Growth & Wellness, Rezia Luke that I felt at ease. Rezia gave me tips & guided me. First, she spoke with me about transitioning from just eating to mindful eating, and teas and foods that would assist me with the production of breast milk. The transition was hard for me because now I have someone depending on me. I no longer had my own schedule and I was always tired as a new mom. Rezia noticed that I wasn't eating on time or on a set schedule so we started with that. Having set eating times and being mindful of what I was consuming. We also sat down and discussed better food options that would give me that full feeling and energy I need to attend to my infant. Rezia also went into depth about the effects food has on our bodies. We also talked about the different things our bodies may lack if you experience any kinds of inflammation or illnesses. And lastly, the importance of keeping foods packed with nutrients of a certain form (i.e. boiling, blending, cooking, crushing) to make sure nutrients aren't taken away or broken down.I could honestly say I've learned a lot from Dynamic growth and wellness. I am sure many others could attest to that.

Shamika Sutherland

I’ve known Rezia of Dynamic Growth & Wellness for a number of years. I’ve seen how she has helped those who has reached out to her and observed her help them successfully. So turning to DG&W was easy for me. My issues with gas pains as well as other internal ailments has been an ongoing problem. It has caused great discomfort and sleepless nights. I’m now basically free from these issues due to the herbal remedies given to me by DG&W guidance. I’ll definitely be on the forefront with the countless amount of people that recommends Rezia and the Dynamic Growth & Wellness team for their health solutions.

Kevin Folkes

To begin, I must say that without Dynamic Growth & Wellness, my path to a healthier lifestyle would not be where it is today. As an individual who was already quite fit i found myself in constant pursuit of ways to improve. Eventually, on my journey I felt like I’d reached a plateau. Meeting Rezia Luke, founder of Dynamic Growth & Wellness and learning about their mission gave me the tools I needed to begin climbing to new heights. I was able to reform my nutrition and learn about the benefits of simply substituting products I already use with far healthier alternatives. I’ve since incorporated the use of regular fasting practices, I feel better, I look better and I have a healthier way of living. Overall, it was great to know that I was getting a wealth of knowledge from in one place, tested with results to show, and backed by years of experience in nutrition and fitness.

Byron Wilson

My name is Lance Liles, and I was diagnosed with Diabetes and went into Ketoacidosis; I almost died three times within five days in the ICU. So I contacted Dynamic Growth and Wellness on July 20th, and on July 21st, they started with me. Two weeks later, I was off of the four medications the doctors prescribed. Three months later I lost around 65 pounds, glucose levels and heart rate became normal and stable, and my blood pressure readings are no longer in hypertension. I am thankful everyday for the aspects of HEALING through a plant-based regimen, fasting and high-intensity exercising.

Lance Liles